How does it work?

The process is the same as you’d expect from any reputable financial adviser.

We discuss your current situation and future aspirations, carry out thorough research and recommend an appropriate solution.

How we differ is by giving you more control over where your money is invested and helping you understand the ethical options available to match your preferences with an equivalent investment solution.

Example fees are below.

What is Ethical Investing?

Ethical investing has a few different branches; modern ESG is the consideration of environmental, social and governance factors alongside financial metrics in the investment decision-making process, SRI is a more traditional approach that excludes unwanted sectors, Impact Investing only chooses companies solving humanities problems and Thematic investing pursues specific goals such as climate change, education or water usage.

We are independent which gives you the ability to target very specific ethical requirements or blend the many approaches for a diverse, ethical portfolio.

Will I lose money?

Like any investment there are no guarantees and you could get back less than the amount initially invested.

But, good quality ethical investments have shown consistent out-performance over older traditional investment methods. (at request we can show reports, articles and charts from numerous sources to evidence this).

Are the returns as good as non-ethical alternatives?

Yes – and in many cases, better.

This follows as ethical investing becomes much more mainstream and easily accessible with more businesses available for inclusion thanks to broader screening techniques taking into consideration the good and not just removing the bad.

Does it cost more?

No. Unlike organic carrots, ethical investing does not have to cost more.

Ethical passive, actively managed and bespoke portfolios are available with very competitive management charges.

Our fees are below.

Can ethical investing really change the world?

Absolutely. Money talks.

By choosing ethical investments, money flows into funds that invest in company shares. Shareholders then have the right to vote on corporate matters such as proposed operational changes and shifts in company aims and goals. Funds with a large shareholding can influence the direction of a company in a positive way.

Be it investing in companies working to solve humanities problems, or investing in companies shifting to a more sustainable business model, ethical investing has the potential to change things for the better.

What does it cost?

All funds have management fees and these will vary depending on the chosen solution.

Our advice fees:

Initial appointment, basic investment review & risk profiling report = No charge.

New set-up (ISA, pension etc.):

New regular contribution plan – up to a maximum of 30% of the 1st year’s contributions (tiered based on contribution value and subject to a £595 minimum).

New lump sum – as below

Existing investment transfer & new lump sum:

Up to £75,000 = 3% (subject to a £595 minimum)

£75,000 – £500,000+ = 2% (capped at £7500)

Fees are deducted from the fund on transfer.

Ongoing advice fees are:

Regular – 0.5% – to include regular reports, annual reviews and any necessary changes

Premium – 0.65%  – to include the above with more detailed reporting and recommendations + valuable estate planning guidance.

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