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Ethical pension advice from experienced, FCA regulated, independent financial advisers who share your desire to create a more sustainable future.

We can help you start a new ethical pension or transfer an existing pension into ethical investments and achieve your retirement objectives while making a positive contribution.

Avoid fossil fuels, weapons, tobacco and gambling as well as companies with poor human rights records and questionable business practices. Lower your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner, fairer world with your pension savings.

Your pension is a tax efficient ‘wrapper’ containing a range of investments and to make it ethical we help you choose from a range of socially responsible & sustainable underlying investments.

With access to award winning ethical funds and portfolios to place in your pension, we can match your individual preferences with your financial objectives.

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Ethical Pensions

How to Create an Ethical Pension

Pensions are a tax efficient way of saving for your retirement. They can be held with insurance companies, investment management firms, on a ‘platform’ (an online account) or even on some apps.

Most of these will have a selection of funds or ready-made portfolios to choose from and invest in, and these can be placed in your pension.

As we become more aware of the impact certain companies and industries are having on the planet, demand has given rise to more ‘ethical’ funds and portfolios.

Many ethical funds now exist and there are many different methods used to create them.

ESG (environmental, social, governance) pension funds will look at detailed information about companies use of resources, waste management, human rights record and corporate behaviour and will only invest in those that score highly in these areas.

Traditional ethical investing seeks to exclude unwanted sectors such as fossil fuels, weapons, tobacco and gambling and Impact Investing funds will only invest in companies working to solve global problems.

A wide range of options exist and they can even be blended to create a truly diverse, ethical pension.

What we can do for you

We can help you set up a new pension or provide a free review of any existing pensions.

For new pension savers we will explain the process, answer all your questions and guide you through the set up with reports, calculations and projections.

An existing pension review will reveal how well your investments have performed over time, what you could expect in the future and confirm they still match your preferred level of investment risk.

Where possible we will try to highlight how much of your existing pension is invested in undesirable sectors (fossil fuels, tobacco, weapons etc.) and any large holding in companies with questionable business practices.

We can then compare your existing investments with ethical alternatives to see if you can make some changes and still achieve your objectives.

We do what we can to avoid recommending funds and portfolios that are just ‘green-washing’ and actually deliver a solution that has the potential to make a genuine difference while targeting positive investment returns.

Ethical funds and portfolios have shown competitive performance compared to non-ethical equivalents and the running costs are equally competitive.

There is no need to compromise on cost or investment performance.

Whether you have an existing pension or would like to start a new ethical personal pension, SIPP or company scheme, we are here to help.

Pension Basics

A pension is a tax efficient ‘wrapper’ which, contains your choice of investments, intended to grow and provide your income in retirement.

Other common wrappers include ISAs, General Investment Accounts etc. but a pension offers some unique benefits.

When you pay money in, HMRC puts some in too (depending on your rate of Tax) and over the years you benefit from the growth on this. If a company pays in, it gets tax relief.

When the time comes for you to retire, you can typically take 25% of the value of your fund as a Tax Free lump sum. The rest is used to generate an income (or you can use it all to generate a potentially larger income).

How Important is Your Pension?

Very! Your pension will be used to provide an income when you are no longer working (or can’t), so it will be vital for your lifestyle and quality of life as a pensioner.

It is therefore extremely important for your pension fund to not only be well protected but, to also generate positive returns which target both your anticipated retirement age and your projected future income needs.

Careful planning and expert advice can contribute greatly towards achieving your desired outcome.

Get in touch today to start planning your ethical pension journey