Ethical ISAs – Stocks & Shares (Investment) ISAs

Start a new ethical stocks and shares ISA or transfer an existing one and achieve your financial objectives while making a positive contribution.

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A stocks and shares ISA is a tax efficient savings account for holding your chosen investments.

To create an ethical stocks and shares ISA you simply choose socially responsible and environmentally conscious investments.

We provide fully FCA regulated, independent financial advice to help you choose from a wide range of ethical investments and match your ethical preferences with your financial objectives.

Access award winning ethical funds and portfolios with solid performance and competitive fees.

Ethical ISA Enquiry:

How we Build an Ethical Stocks & Shares ISA

We start by finding out about you, your views and your investment objectives.

If you have existing ISAs we can review them to determine if they are aligned with your preferences and objectives or we can help you start a new ethical investment ISA.

As part of our advice process we will help you understand your choices and ask you a series of questions about your views on ethical investing, your financial objectives and your understanding of investment risk.

This will help us research an appropriate solution that matches both your ethical views and investment objectives while also considering the amount of risk you are comfortable taking with your money.

Our process involves regulated financial advice ensuring our recommendation is suitable and your investments have an appropriate level of protection.

Ethical ISAs

Instead of picking a selection of individual company stocks and shares for your ISA, we will recommend existing ethical funds or portfolios created by fund managers with many years’ experience managing truly ethical solutions with a track record of solid performance.

Funds and portfolios can exclude fossil fuels, weapons, gambling, tobacco, pornography etc. and then apply a further ‘screening’ process to remove heavy polluters, human rights abusers and companies with poor management ethics.

Investment options are available across a complete range of risk profiles from adventurous to risk averse and both performance and fund charges are competitive.

Chosen investments can be placed in your ISA and we then provide annual reviews to make sure things are on track.

We aim to keep our fees competitive so that it does not cost the earth to save it, and in most cases, we can give you an indication of fees during our initial conversation.

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Making best use of your ISA(s):

Your ISA provides a tax efficient environment for your investment to grow because you don’t pay Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax on the growth.

Besides being one of the most effective ways to save tax they are also simple, straightforward and flexible.

Here are just 5 helpful ways to make the best use of your ISAs.

  1. Use your annual allowance. This may seem obvious but if you don’t use it you lose it. Any unused allowance can’t be carried over to the next year and because of the tax advantages of ISAs it makes sense to make full use of them if possible.
  2. You don’t have to contribute in one lump sum. Regular saving can take advantage of when markets dip and some stocks and shares can be bought when prices are low.
  3. Simplify your savings. Unlike other accounts, ISA gains do not need to be declared on a tax return. If the majority of your savings are tucked up in ISAs there’s less to think about at the end of the Tax Year.
  4. Inter-spousal estate planning. It is now possible to transfer ISAs to a surviving spouse or civil partner on death. Since 2015 it has been possible for a spouse or civil partner to ‘inherit’ the tax benefits.
  5. Regular reviews can maximise your ISA potential. If your stocks and shares ISA investments are not performing as well as they could or are no longer aligned to your risk preference then don’t rely on hope. Regular reviews can keep things on track.

ISAs are a useful financial planning tool and can be put to work in your favour with the right approach and understanding.

Make best use of the 2020/2021 annual ISA allowance which is £20,000 and can be spread between a selection of cash or stocks & shares ISAs.

Get in touch and discuss your ethical ISA options.