Ethical Investment Account

A General Investment Account (GIA) is quite simply an account that holds investments.

They can be used as a ‘feeder account’ for ISAs or pensions with the benefit that money can still be invested while sitting in the account.

Investments held within a GIA can be ethically screened and carefully selected to create an Ethical Investment Account.

We can help you choose investments that avoid fossil fuels, weapons and gambling or only invest in companies working to solve the many problems faced by our world.

A GIA does not have the tax advantages of other ‘wrappers’ but there are no restrictions on the amount you can put in or withdraw.

Ethical GIA Enquiry:

Ethical Investment Account

Make yours an Ethical GIA.

Ethical investing means making a conscious decision to invest in a way aligned to your values. This philosophy can apply to all of your investments, including those held in your GIA.

The same process we use to identify ethical funds and portfolios for other wrappers (ISA, Pension etc) can be applied to your GIA.

With a wide variety of options available, your investment can be spread across a selection of funds with different ethical criteria and objectives.

Part of your investment could be placed in a fund that specifically excludes certain sectors i.e. weapons & tobacco, while another part could invest in a fund specifically set up to address the long-term risks of climate change.

With regular reviews your investment can be put to work and maximise your returns as well as the positive impact you have on the world.

Why use a General Investment Account?

If you have made full use of your ISA allowance and contributed as much as you care to into your pensions, you can continue to invest more into your favourite funds or portfolios in an Ethical Investment Account.

There’s no limit to the amount you can invest so you decide on the amount of impact you want to have through your ethical choices.

You will receive regular reports on the performance of the investments in your account and annual review meetings with your adviser will identify any changes needed to make sure everything is performing as expected and in line with your preferences.