Invest Ethically and join the movement

In the past, ethical investing options were hard to find which, made it difficult to invest in a way aligned to your values.

Your pensions and savings could be used to invest in companies making weapons, exploiting employees and damaging the environment.

Thanks to increasing demand from conscientious investors and pressure from governments to address serious global issues, it is finally becoming easier to align your investments more closely with your values.

We help by giving you access to a wide selection of fully regulated, ethical funds and portfolios that can be ‘wrapped’ in your pension, SIPP, ISAs, investment account or bond.

Simple Steps to Ethical Investing:

Book a free financial review with one of our advisers

Learn about the available Ethical Options

Choose investments that match your beliefs

Start new or switch existing investments into Ethical

Join others already making a difference

Ethical investments can be held in ISAs, pensions, on-shore and off-shore bonds, Investment Accounts and Trust Accounts.

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Ethical Investing is the economic expression of your thoughts and values.

How it Works

We do not pick individual stock/shares to create your portfolio although this is possible if you have over £300,000 to invest.

Typically we recommend pre-existing Ethical Funds or ‘Model Portfolios”.

A Fund is usually comprised of shares in a range of carefully selected companies whereas a Model Portfolio will contain holdings in a selection of funds. This makes the investment more diverse.

The process of choosing companies to include is called ‘screening’ and there are a number of different screening methods. We have access to a wide range of funds and portfolios created using a variety of screening methods to meet preferential differences.

After selecting a fund or portfolio it can be wrapped in your ISA, pension, investment account or bond.

You can read more here. Or please call (023 8000 3456) or email and we can explain things to you in more detail.

Ethical Pensions
Ethical ISA
Ethical Investment Account
Ethical Investment Bond
Ethical Trust Account

How we deliver your ethical investment solution:

The advice process is the same as you would expect from any reputable financial adviser.

We sit down with you and discuss where you are in life, what areas you feel need consideration, your investment preferences, your knowledge of financial products and your understanding of the potential risks involved.

We then balance what you want to achieve with what you need to maintain your lifestyle and make an appropriate recommendation.

What makes us different from other financial advice firms is we ask a series of questions to help us define your ethical investing preferences.

From there we can establish the correct ethical strategy for you and align this with your ‘risk profile’ to pinpoint the most suitable ethical solution.

Having established your preferred ethical investing strategy and selected a suitable fund or portfolio, your investment can be placed in the appropriate ‘wrapper’ be it a Pension, ISA, General Investment Account, Investment Bond or Trust Account.

Your Ethical Investing Choices:

There is no need for you to choose individual stocks & shares for your ethical portfolio.

Platform Choice

With an award winning platform we give access to a choice of 4 different ethical strategies each with 10 risk-rated portfolios (total of 40 portfolios) to choose from which address a range of ethical standards and preferences.

Life Office Choice

A number of life insurance companies offer their own ethical funds to choose from.

Discretionary Fund Manager Choice

For larger sized investments it is possible to have a completely bespoke portfolio created just for you.

By carrying out a detailed review of your circumstances and determining your ethical investing references we will be able to identify the most appropriate ethical option for you.

What is Ethical Investing?

Ethical investing is a broad term used to describe a number of different approaches to investing which seek to reduce the negative impact that industry has on our planet and the people living on it.

It’s not just about the environment (although that is a big part of it) it’s also about people and the community.

Corporate Governance (how a company is run) plays an important part in deciding if a company meets the right criteria for investment. Companies with ‘bad’ corporate governance run the risk of falling foul of scandal, bad publicity and negative investor sentiment.

By choosing only to invest in companies with good corporate governance, ethical investing is a way for investors with a conscience to have a positive impact on the way companies are run, how they treat employees, their standing in the wider community as well as their consideration to environmental factors.

Ethical Business Decisions

At its core ‘Ethical Investing’ is a range of investment styles which go beyond simple financial returns to incorporate ethical, social and responsible values.

Rest assured, we are regulated by the FCA

Which means we operate according to the FCA’s 11 principles for business which are: Integrity, Skill care & Diligence, Management & control, Financial prudence, Market conduct, Customers’ interests, Communication with clients, Conflicts of interest, Relationships of trust, Client’s assets & Relations with regulators.

We are regulated to provide independent financial advice which means if, following a detailed review of your circumstances, an ethical option is not the right one, we can still recommend a suitable solution.

See details of our FCA registration at the bottom of every page of this website.