Ethical financial advice for a sustainable future

Achieve your financial objectives while having a positive impact on the planet.

We provide ethically focused, independent financial advice to help you match your savings and investments with your ethical beliefs.

Avoid investing in weapons, gambling, tobacco and fossil fuels (to name a few) and only invest in well run businesses that support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Access some of the most well known ethical funds and portfolios available in the UK for your Pension, ISA, Investment Account, Trust or Bond.

Choose from investments that use a range of methods to avoid harmful industries and select companies changing for the better, or choose pure Impact funds & portfolios that only invest in companies solving global problems.

For a better understanding of your current position, we offer a free review of any existing investments including a comprehensive risk report.

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Ethical investors make the world a better place.

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Investment Options

Investment options have been carefully selected based on strict ethical credentials and include:

Ethical Funds – from respected fund managers with a track record of positive engagement and solid performance

Ethical Model Portfolios – ‘off the shelf’ portfolios containing a range of ethical funds. (ESG, SRI & Impact portfolios are available to suit a variety of ethical preferences).

Bespoke Portfolios – for high net worth investors. A portfolio constructed just for you. (Semi-bespoke portfolios over £200k, fully bespoke over £300k).

You will receive advice to help you access suitable investments plus ongoing monitoring and reviews for the life of the investment.

We aim to provide the best advice we can and then stick with you for us long as you need us.

“Ethical Investing is the economic expression of your thoughts and values.”

How it Works

We provide fully regulated, independent, ethical financial advice.

The process is much the same as you would expect from any financial advice firm except, we use our knowledge and experience of ethical investments to help conscientious investors like you, find the right funds and portfolios to invest in-line with your beliefs.

We start by talking with you (in person or remotely) to discuss what you would like to achieve, what areas of your financial plan need consideration, your investment preferences, knowledge of financial products and your understanding of the risks involved.

We balance what you want to achieve with your current lifestyle and budget to develop a tailored recommendation.

We do not pick individual stocks or shares to create a portfolio. Instead, we turn to respected and experienced fund managers who run a range of established ethical funds and portfolios with a proven track record of delivering genuine ethical solutions with solid performance.

Having established your preferred ethical investing strategy and selected a suitable fund or portfolio, your investment can be placed in an appropriate ‘wrapper’ be it a Pension, ISA, General Investment Account, Investment Bond or Trust Account.

Please call and speak to one of our ethical financial advisers on: 023 8000 3456 and we can explain the process in more detail.

The more people we can help to reduce the negative impact of their investments, the happier we will be.

The Impact of Climate Change

Extract from the Network for Greening the Financial System Executive summary April 2019. (link)

“The impact of climate change is determined by the concentration of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the atmosphere and there is currently no mature technology to reverse the process.

Above a certain threshold, scientists have shown with a high degree of confidence that climate change will have irreversible consequences on our planet, though uncertainty remains about the exact severity and time horizon.

The magnitude and nature of the future impacts will be determined by actions taken today, which thus need to follow a credible and forward-looking policy path. This includes actions by governments, central banks and supervisors, financial market participants, firms and households.”

Ethical investing can help address this fundamentally important issue by (a) avoiding investing in carbon intensive industries and (b) through ‘engagement’; fund managers hold stock in companies enabling them to vote on important matters and influence positive change.

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What is Ethical Investing?

At its core ‘Ethical Investing’ is a range of investment styles which go beyond simple financial returns to incorporate ethical, social and responsible values.

The 3 most well known ethical investment styles are:

1/ SRI – Socially Responsible Investing. A more traditional method that excludes unwanted sectors such as fossil fuels, weapons etc.

2/ ESG – Environmental, Social, Governance. A growing, more modern method for screening companies based on their environmental impact, treatment of staff and transparency of management. ESG has become more popular with the ability to gather and share detailed information about a companies use of resources, waste management, HR practices and quality of the management process.

3/ Impact Investing – choosing only to invest in companies working to solve the problems faced by humanity and the planet eg. sustainable farming, healthcare, renewable energy.

Ethical investing is a broad term used to describe a number of different approaches to investing which seek to reduce the negative impact that industry has on our planet and the people living on it.

It’s not just about the environment (although that is a big part of it) it’s also about people and the community.

Corporate Governance (how a company is run) plays an important part in deciding if a company meets the right criteria for investment. Companies with ‘bad’ corporate governance run the risk of falling foul of scandal, bad publicity and negative investor sentiment.

By choosing only to invest in companies with good corporate governance, ethical investing is a way for investors with a conscience to have a positive impact on the way companies are run, how they treat employees, their standing in the wider community as well as their consideration to environmental factors.

The Growth of Ethical Investment Advice

In the past, your investments could have been used to fund companies making weapons, exploiting workers and damaging the environment and it would have been difficult to invest in a way aligned with your beliefs.

Ethical funds were hard to find, difficult to access and had high charges.

Now, thanks to growing consumer demand and changes in legislation, ethical investing options are more widely available, easier to access and with very competitive management charges.

Ethical portfolios have demonstrated the ability to perform as well as non-ethical equivalents and the competitive charges make them an obvious choice for conscientious investors.

There is no longer any need to compromise on cost or performance while helping create a cleaner, more sustainable world.

That’s something to feel good about.

We help you access a wide range of ethical funds and portfolios to find a solution that meets your ethical preferences and investment expectations.

Funds and portfolios are carefully selected for quality and performance and a completely bespoke portfolio service is available for larger investments.

Your Ethical Investing Choices


Hold your investments on award winning platforms with access to a wide range of ethical funds and portfolios to choose from. Consolidate a range of wrappers (Pension, ISAs, GIA etc.) in one place with your own login details to monitor the performance of all your investments. Choose the same or different ethical strategies and funds for different outcomes.

Life Insurance Company

Most life insurance companies offer their own ethical funds. Many have been running for a number of years with proven track records and a solid history of maintaining core ethical principles. Some can be accessed directly through the life insurance company while others are accessed via a ‘platform’.

Discretionary Fund Manager

Discretionary Fund Managers create and manage ‘off-the-shelf’ funds and portfolios that can be added to your choice of wrapper and for larger investments of typically £200,000 or more, it is possible to sit down with your fund manger and have a completely bespoke portfolio created, just for you.

We will be able to identify the most appropriate ethical option for you following a detailed review of your circumstances.

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We are regulated to provide independent financial advice which means if, following a detailed review of your circumstances, an ethical option is not the right one, we can still recommend a suitable solution.