Our Story

The intention of Ethical Money is to give conscientious investors more choice and control over where their money goes and to introduce the benefits of ethical investing to a wider audience.

In the past, ethical funds were difficult to access, the charges were higher and the only method used to select suitable investments involved a sweeping exclusion of unwanted sectors which tended to result in poorer performance.

Times have changed, ethical investing has evolved and it is now possible to invest in a more sustainable and ethical way without compromising investment returns or paying higher management fees.

And that is something worth sharing.

Principal Adviser:

Hello and thank you for visiting.

This is where I tell you a bit about me and why I do this.

I became a financial adviser to help people feel more relaxed and in control of their financial future.

In reality, most people have very little control over where their money is invested and, would not be particularly relaxed knowing they could be funding weapons of war and environmentally destructive industries.

After attending a training session on ethical investing my eyes were opened to the possibility of giving people more choice and more control over where their money goes.

Tim Day DipPFS CeMAP – Independent Financial Adviser & creator of Ethical Money

Having discovered it is possible to target financial objectives, while being more considerate to society and the planet and without needing to miss out on performance or pay a higher fee, I decided to create Ethical Money to raise awareness and help people make more conscientious investment decisions.

Many well-constructed ethical funds and portfolios have actually shown superior performance so, if given a choice between investing in destructive industries or not, the decision is easy.

Profiteering industries have taken advantage of our planet for too long. Our reliance on fossil fuels is choking the atmosphere and change is imperative for a cleaner more sustainable future.

My goal is to help as many concerned investors as I can, invest in a more sustainable way and contribute towards the global transition to a low carbon economy.

That’s something good to feel part of.

Wherever possible I try to limit my impact on the planet. The label ‘consumer’ feels uncomfortable and I would rather be considered a contributor. I haven’t eaten meat for nearly 30 years, and I have no desire to own a gas guzzling sports car or take multiple flights abroad every year.

That might not sound like a typical financial adviser but without those incentives I am able to charge fair and competitive fees for my services and focus on what is really important to my clients.

Give me a call on 023 8000 3456 or email help@ethical.money